Fresh Healthy Cooking is a Journey to Health with Recipes, Diet Advice and More!

Switching to fresh healthy cooking using traditional techniques improved my family’s physical and mental health.

We now eat meat, eggs, and butter(lots of it!) from grass-fed animals, bone broths, sourdough and sprouted grains, cultured foods(sauerkraut and Kim chi), drinks(Kombucha, raw dairy kefir, lacto-fermented juices), local seasonal produce and fermented cod liver oil.

The standard advice of low fat foods with no emphasis on how it's grown or processed is getting us and the planet in trouble.

We all need to get back to local organic farming, pasture-fed animals, traditional fats, and food preparation that mimics the way our ancestors did it. If we could invite our great-grandparents to dinner, we would want them to recognize and enjoy the food!

Come join Fresh Healthy Cooking and I will guide you through this journey with:

- free healthy recipes that include photos for quick and easy meals, holiday recipes, crock-pot recipes, kid-friendly recipes, gluten-free, and more.....

- An on-line shopping guide that features some of my favorite books, foods, and kitchen gadgets.

- Dietary Advice that is Not what you might expect!

- Meal suggestions that include many ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

- Shopping Guide that will help you source some great food.

- A special section on Athletes that includes a special eating schedule and some great sports drinks and energy bar recipes.

- Cooking class information

- A peak into some of my favorite books, DVD's websites and kitchen tools.

- Some gift Ideas that you can make or order on-line for the foodie in your life.


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Dietary Advice that will improve your mental and physical health.
Get dietary advice that comes from the wisdom of our healthy Ancestors.
Meal Suggestions for everyday, on the road, camping, holidays......
Need some healthy meal suggestions?
Shopping Guide to help you find healthy food
A shopping guide to help you find healthy food in both Canada and USA.
Nutrition for Athletes and active people
Nutrition for athletes should include traditional foods that supply them with extra nutrients.
Nutrient-rich Cooking Classes
Most of my cooking classes focus on traditional cooking techniques.
My favorite websites, books, videos, kitchen gadgets and more..
Find a list of my favorite books, videos, websites, kitchen gadgets and more
My Story is a health recovery one using food as medicine.
My Story of health recovery through food and love of cooking has led me to build this website.
Great Gift Ideas
Great Gift Ideas for Cooks and Food Lovers!
Homemade Gifts That Are Edible
Homemade Gifts From Your Kitchen
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